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SPLAY is a collection of card flourishes compiled by Dan and Dave during their early studies of sleight of hand with playing cards back in the late 90s. At that time, Cardistry did not exist.

There were only a small amount of these so-called “card flourishes” in print, scattered throughout various rare instructional magic books. What we present to you here is a collection of some of Dan and Dave’s early findings in a single book, findings which ultimately led to the development of Cardistry.

Over 200 photographs by Brad Fulton. 20 classic flourishes. An outgrowth of Dan, Dave, Fulton & The Neat Review's love for printed matter.

An homage to the founders of Cardistry. Available in 3 Editions.

  • Standard Edition. Book in duo grey/black cloth with black foil block.
  • Special Edition. 1 of 500 Books in Midnight cloth with carbon foil block + exclusive SPLAY deck.