Brad Fulton is one of the pioneers of the designer playing card industry.  Working exclusively with Dan & Dave Buck since their pivotal deck Smoke & Mirrors broke the mold of what a playing card could be.  The Fulton/Buck relationship began during the incubation stage of what would grow to become an empire that includes Art of Play and Cardistry Con.

After photographing, dreaming, and designing with The Buck Twins for almost a decade, Fulton decided to step out into uncharted territory in 2010 with his seminal deck Fulton’s Clip Joint.  Breaking all barriers of what a deck of cards could be—atmosphere in a box.  Clip Joint immediately transported you to 1946 Los Angeles—the epicenter of Noir, and in the process helped spark a whole new world of playing card design and merchandising.

Fulton would follow up Clip Joint with Ace Fulton’s Casino—the first modern casino deck.  Reading more like a Scorsese Script than a deck of cards, Ace Fulton’s were based on a fictional casino that existed during the heyday of Sin City.  Complete with an address , and a “compliments of” ad card; the deck cinematically achieved an atmospheric awakening that sent Friday Night poker games into the Twilight Zone. Brad Fulton continues the tradition of atmospheric design and creative direction with The Buck Twins at Art of Play where they continue their relationship producing some of the worlds finest playing cards.