Private Reserve Fulton's Clip Joint Playing Cards


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The FULTONS Clip Joint Black Label Private Reserve. Only a few dozen of these were ever released publicly on the Dan & Dave Site years ago. Very few remain. These Clip Joints are adorned with the original Masonic Label from the USPCC that the rest of the original run went without. These are signed in silver ink by Fulton and are not available new from any source. These are not in cello and are signed. An extremely rare final piece for your FULTONS Card Collection.

Tuck box signed by Brad Fulton

Post WWII Los Angeles. In the dead of night you enter Fulton's, a clip joint hidden in the murk of downtown. Take your seat and stash your heat; your drink is on its way. Smoke curls along the crown molding and lingers in the air. What little light there is tingles through the vapors as a femme fatale appears between the shadows. She'll be by soon. Get cozy, you're in for the night - it's either that or put up a fight. In a few hours your boys will join you. For now, a deck of cards from inside your coat is tossed on the table and your fedora set aside. As broads sit and sip, gents go for the grift. Are you in?

Fulton's Clip Joint Playing Cards celebrate our fascination with cinema, history, and the art of the grift. Taking inspiration from vintage Los Angeles and Film Noir, Fulton's captures a time and place where men were men, women were dames, and the next deal could be your last.