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The fraternal twin to Noir. White Jazz is the Clip Joint we always dreamed of. The Smoke to Mirror. For ten years the question has been asked:

"What would an inverted color Clip Joint look like?" The answer is finally here.

White Jazz—a term used by FULTONS Grandfather to describe gunfire—is brought to life in this explosive deck. Featuring art unique to the white printed version of Noir, this variation was individually illustrated and shaded by Daniel Phillips to resonate better on white card stock.

This is the long awaited follow up to the legendary Clip Joint. No detail was spared. Completely illustrated by hand featuring the art of Daniel Phillips. 
Printed in the USA by the USPCC (US Playing Card Co.) with a heavily foiled and embossed die-cut tuck designed by Ethan Kowaleski, this limited edition deck redefined the classic genre created by Brad Fulton.

In 2011 we “took a seat and stashed our heat” for the first time—a decade later it’s time to hit the deck.


Produced by Dan & Dave Buck.