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We all make mistakes. I have a small stack of decks that have minor dents, box defects or other errors that don't meet my strict quality control standards.
They may be opened (photo models)—there’s no telling what you’ll unwrap. I have compiled these decks and stamped them with my famous FUCKED UP stamp--and signed each one. I might even draw on them. You don’t know what you’ll get. Midnight Fuel WILL NOT be included in this stash. If you don't own one of them--get one now as they're extremely limited.

You may get multiples of the same deck. There’s no telling what’s in the Fulton’s Grab Bag of the Day.  

You may get an October V3, Chinatown, Clip Joint. Who knows. But it will be an amazing deck--probably out of print and in the exclusive FUCKED UP Club.

No requests. No whining. No Returns. You get what you get and you don't get mad.