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*Only 25 of these special gilded aqua Franklin Cards were produced. Complete with custom holographic seal. 

Franklin BBQ is the gold standard of BBQ. Earning the title “Best BBQ in Texas AKA the world.”

In 2013 Brad Fulton waited four hours in the infamous line at Franklin in Austin and was stunned at their amazing logo identity system that complimented the epic bbq and atmosphere. After becoming friends with Stacy and Aaron , Fulton thought it was the perfect opportunity to immortalize this great American Brand in their very own card deck.

What better way to spend time while waiting for your very own brisket to finish on your Franklin Smoker?

Designed by Brad Fulton and Dan Buck—featuring illustrations by the OG himself, Dave Lamplugh—who did the original sauce bottle cartoons for Franklin. The logo was created by Blair Richardson and stands the test of time as an iconic trademark.

56 Playing Cards. Custom through and through including the court cards that pay tribute to the couple that catapulted Austin BBQ into a new era.

Printed in China on premium Cardistry playing card stock.

Custom sealed on embossed tuck box.

Do not miss this one of a kind deck.